Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

We love celebrating Mother's Day in our house, but it seems like we can never do enough to show Rebecca how much she really means to us.

This year, I tried to do a few house projects for her mother's day gift. The first was putting up more blinds for our windows. We now have blinds in our bedroom and the two rooms that we typically use for guests. The second was some garden boxes. We finished making the boxes, but we still have to add good dirt to them, put in the watering system, and add the rocks around them. Here is a picture of our progress on that one.

I know that both of those gifts are really for our whole family, so I am not sure if they actually count as presents for her. She had really been wanting both though. Maybe one day when we are rich and the children are out of the home I will be able to get her all of the diamonds, pearls, and chocolates that she deserves.

The children also had cards to share and we also worked on making her a video. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the video editing software I was using was only a trial version, so the transitions are all funny on this and the company's name is on parts of it, but here it is anyway.

Rebecca's big meal today was an egg plant pizza (we also had a couple of cheese ones for those who did not want the egg plant) and a chocolate mousse torte. Both were delicious!

This weekend we also got to skype/call our mothers and express our appreciation to them. We have truly been blessed for the things that they have taught and continue to teach us and for the examples that they have set for us. I really like a quote by President Nelson. He said "The highest and noblest work in this life is that of mother."

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