Sunday, June 11, 2017

Family Fun Day at the Portneuf Wellness Complex

Yesterday we went to the Portneuf Wellness Complex (just a couple miles from our house) for a city sponsored family fun day. The Wellness Complex has a big man made lake, lots of fields, play toys, and an amphitheater.

For the family fun day they had vendors come in, inflatable jump houses, and demonstrations of police dogs and a helicopter, and things like that. Our main reason for going though was the free fishing. Fishing is free to everyone in Idaho that day without a license, but at this lake they have all of the poles and bait and several fish and game people to help provide fishing tips.

We did it last year and Ethan was the only one to catch a fish. This year, Agnes caught the first one. I had just gotten all of the children set up with their poles and bait, starting from the youngest. When I finished with Julia, I looked back at Agnes and noticed that her line was all tangled up. She still had her bait in the water, but the line was so tangled she couldn't reel it in at all. I tried to help her, but couldn't get it fixed. So I gave it back to her while I helped another one of the children who lost their bait. I then looked back over at Agnes to see a fish biting her worm. I had do just grab the line and lift the fish over on to the dock.

We didn't catch anything else for awhile, but I heard on of the fish and game people giving some tips to another family. He suggested taking everything off of the the line, including the bobber, the weight, and the swivel. He said that would let the worm fall at a more natural speed. Sure enough, once we did that we were catching the fish just minutes after we would cast the line out. Rebecca, Julia, Elliott, Agnes, and Asher already left to go play on the toys, so we didn't stay too much longer, but it was enough time for Ethan and I to both catch one and Christian to catch two. We came home with five trout that we were able to cook up that night.

Ethan, Christian, Elliott and I are looking forward to going a few more times this summer!

Here are pictures of Ethan and Christian with the guy who helped us take everything off our line.

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