Friday, December 7, 2018

Guess Who?

This is the third broken bone in our family in just over a year. Any guesses who?

Julia was taking Asher out sledding in the yard. After the first run down, she was dragging him in the sled back up, but she slipped on the sidewalk and broke her arm in the fall. We took her in to Urgent Care that night to get it looked at and braced. They did the x-rays and pushed on it a little to get it back in the general correct direction.

Then the next day she went in to see an orthopedic specialist. He indicated that it was going to need special attention so he said he was going to have us talk to the orthopedic surgeon in his clinic - he happens to live just over a couple streets from us. He looked at the x-rays and came by our place that evening to discuss the possibilities.

Anyway, she had a surgery today. They put the bone back in place and put in a pin to hold it steady while it heals. Then, in six months or so they will go back in and take the pin out.

She has been doing pretty well with all of this. There was initially a lot of screaming when it first happened and she has been worried about all the things she can't do for a while (it is her right hand, so pretty much everything). Well, I guess she has not been worried about not being able to do her dishes job! Overall she has been trying to stay positive though. She will go in next week to have the permanent cast put on.

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Mary-Anne said...

OW! That looks SO bad. Poor girl! Tell her we hope she feels better soon!